Tuesday, March 22, 2011

U.S. Senator Risch taps local gourmet food business for holiday luncheon needs

A little bit of Clearwater County has made it to Washington D.C. for two years in a row, to help sweeten the holiday palates of U.S. Senators in Congress.

For the second year in a row, "Tastes of Idaho", located at 143 Johnson Avenue, in downtown Orofino, was a supplier to U.S. Senator James E. Risch (R) - Idaho, for Christmas-time political entertaining.

Forty (40) "Gold Mountain" brand huckleberry pancake mixes were ordered in 2009, and 40 Idaho-shaped baskets in 2010, according to Sandy Dell, owner of Tastes of Idaho.

Both were used and "very much appreciated" as part of holiday gift luncheons for fellow senators and dignitaries, according to Christin Parras with Senator Risch's office in Washington DC.

"We really appreciate Senator Risch's efforts to include rural Idaho small businesses for his holiday gift giving," Dell said.

For more information, contact Dell at (888) 231-1699, or stop by the store to see a close-up photo of Senator Risch holding the Idaho basket with genuine Idaho spuds neatly layered inside.

U.S. Senator James E Risch (R-Idaho), holds up an Idaho-shaped basket purchased from Tastes of Idaho in Orofino, for his 2010 holiday entertaining in Congress. The baskets were layered with genuine Idaho 'bakers', which are highly treasured in the eastern U.S.

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