Friday, March 25, 2011

Pierce-Weippe Chamber Profile: Whiskey Creek Artisans

Roger and Amy Smith began spending time in Clearwater County after passing through on their honeymoon in 2001. They absolutely loved everything the county had to offer and hoped to eventually move to the area. In 2004 they purchased property in the Grangemont area and had a “ten-year” plan. The ten-year plan changed to a three year plan as they were more than ready to leave the big city of Boise behind.

Whiskey Creek Artisans was started out of their home in 2008 and then expanded and moved to the current location in the Burns building, 217 College Ave., in downtown Orofino (above Augie’s Deli).

Roger has been in the wholesale jewelry trade business for over 35 years, starting as an apprentice out of high school, learning all aspects of the jewelry business from the ground up. Roger was also interested in the process of creating custom jewelry so he taught himself the “lost wax” casting process from reading books and lots of trial and error.

Roger now enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with others and hopes to be able to expand the business enough to offer an apprenticeship.

Amy is an independent contractor for a health insurance provider out of Boise, but helps out when and where she can. She creates gourd art and other items for the gift shop. Amy is always on the search for affordable jewelry and gift options to offer to customers.

Roger and Amy both value the one-on-one interaction they have with their jewelry and gift shop customers. They also appreciate being involved in the community and hope to become more involved as time goes on.

When Roger and Amy are not at the jewelry shop they are most often enjoying the outdoors. In their free time they love hunting, fishing, hiking and camping throughout Clearwater County - accompanied by their black lab, Zip.

You can contact Whiskey Creek Artisans by calling 208-476-5026, emailing, or stop by their shop and say hello.

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