Thursday, March 24, 2011

ExxonMobil submits plan to move equipment on U.S. 95, I-90

BOISE - Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil is proposing to transport 60 oversized loads on U.S. 95 and Interstate 90, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

Mammoet, the contract hauler for ExxonMobil, submitted a travel plan to the transportation department. Engineers from the department have just started analyzing the plan. The department does not have an estimate of when it will complete the analysis. The travel plan must be approved by the department before an over-legal permit could be issued to allow the loads to be transported.

The largest shipment proposed is 24 feet wide, 15-feet-10-inches-tall and 207 feet in length, including the transport truck and trailer. The heaviest load proposed weighs 165,347 pounds, not including the transport truck and trailer.

Each shipment would move between and , and take three nights. Traffic delays would be limited to 15 minutes. The proposed schedule is:

First night - Port of Lewiston to approximately the Latah/Benewah county line.

Second night - Latah/Benewah county line to three miles east of Coeur d'Alene, stopping at milepost 18.3 in a pullout on the side of I-90.

Third night - Milepost 18.3 to the Idaho/Montana state line.

Motorists using U.S. 95 would be guided around the shipments by a pilot car or wait at designated pullouts. Vehicles on I-90 will be guided around the loads by pilot car. Two Idaho State Police vehicles would accompany the oversized loads for traffic management and emergency services coordination.

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