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Clearwater County’s first officials

Pictured are Clearwater County’s first officials. Other than E. Maud Mix, the woman in the picture, who was the Superintendent of Public Instruction and principal of Orofino High School, it is unknown who is who. Photo courtesy of Bernice Pullen

Information courtesy of Bernice Pullen

Clearwater County’s first officials were appointed in 1912 by the Idaho Legislature, after the county was officially formed on Feb. 27, 1911.

These biographies of the officials were written decades ago and published in the Orofino Tribune’s March 24, 1911 issue.

Joseph Kauffman, Auditor & Recorder
Joseph Kauffman, Auditor & Recorder, was born 36 years ago in Iowa, has been a resident of Idaho 33 years, coming to the state in 1878. He has been engaged in the merchandise and lumber businesses most of his life. Last year he was elected as Democratic Commissioner in Nez Perce County, that county being strongly Republican. When Clearwater County was allowed [to form] he resigned as Commissioner and was appointed to the office he now holds by Governor Hawley. His home is in Orofino. Mr. Frank Shrieves is his Deputy Auditor and O. E. Holmberg is enrolling clerk.

A.E. Hinkley, Treasurer
A. E. Hinkley, County Treasurer, has been a resident of Idaho for seven years. For the last four years and three months he has been county treasurer for Nez Perce County and has resigned from the same position in that county. He is a member of the White Pine Trading Co., his home being in Orofino, and he is a Republican.

William B. Kinne, Probate Judge
William B. Kinne, Probate Judge, is a Republican and was born 37 years ago in Wisconsin, graduating at Shell Lake, Wisconsin, and was 25 years cashier of Shell Lake Lumber Co. When that company finished its business in that part of the state the gentleman purchased a controlling interest in the Shell Lake Mercantile business of which he was President & General Manager a number of years, selling his interest in that firm and moving to Idaho five years ago. He now owns close to 700 acres of timber in Dent country.
Robert B. Swadener, County Surveyor
Robert B. Swadener, County Surveyor, a Republican, was born in 1881 at Dayton, Ohio, has been a resident of Idaho for 25 years, and graduated in engineering at the University of Idaho, located in Moscow. He worked two years as civil engineer at Wallace, and has worked in that capacity for various railway and irrigation companies in the northwest and is at the present time Deputy U. S. Mineral Surveyor and licensed land surveyor for Idaho.

A. L. Harper, Commissioner
A. L. Harper, Commissioner has been a resident of Idaho for seven years and was born in West Virginia, is a Democrat, and his home is at Pierce. He is a farmer in that section and also at Fraser.
Patrick H. Blake, Commissioner
Patrick H. Blake, Commissioner and Chairman of the Commissioners is a Democrat and has lived in this state a number of years. He is the cashier of the Fidelity Stats Bank of Orofino and well known through the county.

H. A. Wood, Commissioner
H. A. Wood, Commissioner, has been in this state 13 years, born in California and is a Democrat. He has followed farming and mining most of his life. His home is at Elk River, Idaho.

Scott Ogden, Attorney
Scott Ogden, Attorney, has lived in the State of Idaho 20 years, and was born in Illinois. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in this state in 1898. His home is in Orofino.

E. Maud Mix, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Miss E. Maud Mix, Superintendent of Public Instruction, a graduate of the University of Idaho, is a Democrat and is now the principal of the Orofino High School. Her home is at Orofino.

J.E. Pickerd, County Coroner
J. E. Pickerd, County Coroner, is a Democrat, who has lived in this state most of 22 years, is engaged in the undertaking and other business in Orofino. For more on Clearwater County’s history, see the 100 year special edition insert in this week’s issue. You can also read the insert online at Once there, click on the blue Special Editions tab located on the upper right, above the late-breaking news link. The insert is in PDF form.

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