Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please vote in our poll

With our poll this week, the Clearwater Tribune is helping out the Lewis-Clark State College community nursing students. A few weeks ago these students submitted surveys to the Orofino community, asking which of several projects was considered most important.

Our poll this week consists of the top four choices returned to them in the surveys. The students’ assignment is to take the top community choice and research it to find out how other communities achieved it with positive results. Then, they will present their plan back to the community.

Here is the poll: 
Which of these LCSC community nursing projects would you consider most important for Orofino?
Expand the greenway-walking/bicycle path
Focus on helping people gain access to health care
Focus on expanding physical activity
Focus on improving nutrition

The results of the poll will help determine which of these four projects receives their focus. Please go to and vote! The poll is located in the far left column, and will be open for voting until Tuesday, March 8.

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