Monday, February 21, 2011

Alf Johnson's Sawmill

This early photo of Alf Johnson's sawmill was among a collection given to Charlotte (Woolfolk) Nelson, a 1952 Orofino High School graduate once employed at White Pine Lumber Company, and who now lives in the Seattle area. The photo belonged to her grandfather, M.T. Kelley. He moved to Orofino in 1926, and the photo is believed to have been taken not long after his arrival and employment at the mill. M.T. worked there until his retirement in about 1950. He has one surviving daughter, Nannie B. Carrico of Orofino, who will be 92 in July. M.T. Kelley is located in the front left of the picture, and Ken Ladd is on the front right. Alf Johnson is standing, in the center. The other men pictured are unknown. Anyone who might know their names is invited to call the Clearwater Tribune at (208) 476-4571.

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