Friday, March 6, 2015

Idaho Fish and Game Investigates Closed Season killing of two elk

On Feb. 23, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Senior Conservation Officer Eric Crawford investigated the closed season killing of two elk. The elk, a spike bull and a cow were found in a clear-cut approximately 100 yards off of the Elk River/Dent Road at mile marker 32.5. The location of the kill site is just a couple of miles outside of Elk River. There is evidence that each of the elk had been shot. Both elk had been covered by brush to conceal them. The back straps from each of the elk had been taken but the rest of each animal was left to waste. Additionally, the antlers from the spike had been hacked off with what appeared to be an axe. The killing of these elk likely happened late Friday, Feb. 20, or Saturday night, Saturday, Feb. 21.

“This is truly an unfortunate situation as elk and deer have survived through a light winter they are constantly at the mercy of individuals that lack respect for the animals and know how to harvest them legally.” “Of the dozen of wildlife violations I have investigated over the course of the last year this stands out as the most egregious,” states Officer Crawford.

The stealing of Idaho’s wildlife is a serious crime; anyone with information is encouraged to contact Senior Conservation Officer Eric Crawford at 208-669-1106 or the Citizens Against Poaching hotline at 1-800-632-5999. Information leading to the conviction of the individuals who committed this violation may be eligible for a monetary reward from Citizens Against Poaching.

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