Friday, March 27, 2015

Communities unite to end sexual violence

During the month of April, in honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month, YWCA organizers along with members of the Sexual Assault Response Team invite all local community members to participate in joining together to raise awareness about sexual violence. 

Sexual Assault Awareness Month’s events include the hanging of teal colored ribbons in downtown Orofino on Monday, March 30. This will be done by the local chapter of the YWCA, along with members of the police and sheriff’s department and other volunteers to increase awareness of the problem of sexual assault. 

Coffee shops will also be provided with information labels to put on coffee cups and putting table cards in local restaurants to provide information about this problem.

The month will end with “Denim Day” which symbolizes our solidarity with sexual assault victims and our commitment to their defense and support. This is in response to a rape case several years ago in which the judge ruled that since jeans cannot be removed without the help of the wearer, the rape victim must have consented.

Wearing jeans on this day is our statement that all people deserve to be safe from sexual assault and victims of this crime need to be heard, believed and respected, and the responsible persons brought to justice. 

For more information, please contact Staci Taylor at the YWCA 208-476-0155. The YWCA is a community program that provides advocacy for people who have suffered domestic and sexual violence.

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