Friday, November 8, 2013

Eighteen percent in Clearwater County without enough to eat

Clearwater County’s food insecurity rate is at 18% (or 1,570 people), according to the Map the Meal Gap study, conducted annually by Feeding America, the national network of food banks. Among children it is 22.9%, or 350 kids.

The study measures food insecurity, which is the inability to consistently access nutritious and adequate amounts of food necessary for a healthy life. In other words, it counts people who are not sure where their next meals will come from.

You can see the entire study, which includes an interactive map, at =map-the-meal-gap-2013.

In Nez Perce County, the food insecurity rate is 14.6% or 5,710 people. Among children, who are included in the larger total, the rate is 19% or 1,620 kids.

In Lewis County, the rate is 15.2% or 580 people. Among children it is 23.7%, or 200 kids.

The rate in Latah County is 18.4%, or 6,800 people. Among children it is 19.2%, or 1,310 kids.

The rate in Idaho County is 17.6% or 2,830 people. Among children it is 24.6%, or 830 kids.

In total, there are 17,490 people in the five North Central counties who are not sure of their food supply and often don’t get enough to live healthy lives. Among that total are 4,310 Idaho children.

The state average is 17.3% or 274,230 people. For children the average is 23% or 96,090 kids without enough to eat.

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