Wednesday, November 27, 2013

City of Orofino hot topics still undecided

The Building and Fire Committees met Nov. 19 to further discuss the city pros and cons of purchasing the former Health and Welfare building for relocating City Hall. The issue is still in session. Additional information is required before a decision could be made.

The Planning and Zoning Commission met following the Building and Fire committees to continue their work session on annexation. Chairman Dewey Stewart announced that the meeting would open with a brief period for public comment and that the commissioners would continue their work session afterwards to try and reach an agreement.

Emotions ran high as business owners and residents voiced their concerns of annexation, and how to afford additional taxes. There were comments and questions about the previous draft of annexation boundaries they had requested from the previous meeting.

Building Official Todd Perry informed the commissioners that city staff had recommended the addition of four pieces of property to be added into the present proposed boundaries for annexation in Konkolville.

The board was split on whether the four parcels should be included or not. All commissioners were present except for Commissioner Harvey.

A few more questions from the public were accepted but as tempers flared it was agreed that it would be better to wait until all commissioners were present. The item is still under scrutiny. Hopefully, some progress will be made at the next meeting, as it is presently a rather unpopular and uncomfortable topic for all.

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