Friday, June 7, 2013

Orofino City Council news

There were no corrections or objections of the old Minutes presented for the City Council Meeting held May 14. Following the approval of the Minutes, Bills/Claims and Payroll ending May 18, 2013, attention was directed to Orofino’s coverage in the latest CEDA Newsletter.

Committee reports from the past week largely pertained to review and discussion of each committee’s individual budget proposals. Salaries, Benefits. Operations and Capital Purchases were reviewed. It was noted in each committee that a 2.5% COLA is included in each of the reports.

Administrator Rick Laam asked that his report be referred to the Executive Session. Treasurer Pam McGuffie had no reports.

Building official

Todd Perry reported that results from the ITD traffic study concerning the new CVHC clinic on Hwy. 7 were to be discussed in the near future.

Other news included the wheelchair accessible corners installed in front of Valley Motor Parts and near Hanson’s Garage were both in compliance with ADA rules. Perry also explained that the city’s noxious weed ordinance was placed in the legal section of the Clearwater Tribune notifying the community to cut or clear any noxious weed or rank vegetation from their property. The notice gives property owners 10 days to comply. Any property owner found to be in violation will have another 10 days after site has been posted to respond. Should it be necessary for the city to clear or cut, the owners will be charged for the services.

Perry also provided an update on the house fire on Cedar St. Family members wish to inspect the property before demolition of the house begins. It is expected to take place in the near future.

Public Works

John Barton reported that crews have been out performing routine maintenance in the parks, sweeping streets downtown, filling potholes.

A notice appeared in the Clearwater Tribune The city will be taking bids for paving streets in the Riverside area. The bid opens June 18, and is projected to be completed Aug. 19. There is approximately 7,000 lineal feet of streets to pave.


Chief of Police, Jeff Wilson reported on the bomb threat discovered at the high school that afternoon, pleased with the way the students and staff evacuated the building and the manner that law enforcement responded and cleared the scene for the awards ceremony planned that evening.

Wilson also commented on the rash of recent minor thefts, the disappearance of lawn ornaments in particular. It is now believed that three suspects were found to be connected with the thefts, as some of the items have been recovered.

Chief Wilson also gave a brief update on Orofino’s new K-9. Testo, and Officer/handler Mike Shore will attend a training seminar in Lewiston this week to complete the dual certification process for tracking down narcotics and as well as a patrol dog.

It was discovered that Lewiston recently purchased a dually certified K-9, and that Lewis County also has one. For future training sessions it is possible that by having the three dogs in such close proximity, that training may be easier and perhaps more affordable. Chief Wilson closed by reminding the Council that graduation night, is June 7, traffic will be heavier on Hwy. 7 and extra patrol will be out to make sure everyone gets home safely.


Mike Martin reported to the Council that the mold situation was ongoing but has certainly improved with the help of a lot of bleach.

Martin also noted that in the past week lots of grease has been coming through the sewer system. He asked for restaurants to be more vigilant in properly disposing grease/oil.

Liquivision Diving Company contacted Martin to inform him that they would be doing other work in the area. It would be to the city’s advantage to have the same company clean and inspect the tank on Adams Rd and the one on Canada Hill.

Cleaning and inspection of both tanks would cost the city $2,800. By scheduling the appointment while the company is in the area the city would save $450. Another benefit is that Liquivision doesn’t have to drain the tanks to clean them. A motion was made and seconded, the Council approved cleaning and inspection of the tanks.


Mike Lee informed the Council that electrical work was rendered and insulation added to Station 2 on Riverside. Otherwise, business was as usual.

An Executive Session was held and the council meeting was adjourned.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for June 11.

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