Friday, May 31, 2013

School district breathes a little easier as levy ensures important changes in the district

The School Board met on May 22. Superintendent Bob Vian and Business Manager Trina Snyder presented the budget outline for the 2013-2014. The board also reviewed the District’s Strategic Plan as is customary to make sure progress is continuing as planned and in a timely manner. Board members received their Self-Assessment forms which are due back on June 10.

With the passing of the district’s request for the supplemental levy increase of $345,000, the projected overall revenue increase from this year’s budget is $424,239.

State funding is based on student average daily attendance (ADA) which generates funding units. The district budgeted 60.77 units this year and based on the current ADA, 57.4 units are proposed for next year. At this time enrollment is down 18 students from this same time last year. Several months ago 19 students withdrew as work for area loggers ended. It is hoped that when work resumes, the students will be back.

Included in the General Fund expenses:

· All day Kindergarten staffing.

· $150,000 Technology funds included

· Certified staff movement over for education, if applicable and movement down one step, if applicable.

· 2% increase on salary for all classified staff.

· Additional days included for Administrative staff, Data Base Administrator, District Office /Program staff, Assistant Secretaries and Food Service Director.

· Retirement Benefits increased from 10.39% to 11.32%.

· Insurance increased by 11.1%.

· Textbook Budget increase

· Soccer and Drill/Dance team salaries/benefits included.

· Increased stipend for Jr/Sr and Student Council Advisors.

· $2,000 increase for OHS, THS and OES field trips.

· Includes different Salary/Benefit and Professional Leave.

· Increase in School Board budget to fit “actual” budgetary needs.

· Decreased utility expenses because of modular removal.

· Increased Transportation/Mechanic supervisor salary – reimbursed at 85% and 50%.

· One bus was purchased this year. Transferred via depreciation from the General Fund.

Other expenses

· OES boiler replacement will cost $170,000.

· $60,000 to repaint Timberline building

· To replace bus barn roofing $73,000 is estimated.

· Technology budget is set at $40,000.

· $150,000 was appropriated to summer maintenance projects.

· Leaving $317,100 for projects repairs not listed.

The district will offer contracts to current Food Service Director Carmen Griffith, Special Education Director Kerrie Raines, Transportation Director Ben Jenkins, and Business Manager Trina Snyder for the upcoming school year.

An ISEE grant of $33,600 was awarded to the district to hire a mentor teacher for teachers. Traditionally, the school principal took on this role, but his duties have also expanded. The mentor teacher will work one to one if necessary with teachers to find resolutions for situations that arise from time to time.

Other grants in progress are the Nez Perce Tribal grant, Driver’s Education grant, Jim Gustin Science grant and the Valerie Armichardy Recycling and Project grant. A grant for technology awarded $27,140 for Classroom Technology and $10,000 for IT Personnel.

Most aides are funded through the grants provided by Title I, Title VI-B, and Title VI-B PreSchool programs. The Carl Perkins grant funds the district’s vocational activities and programs. Money from Title II-A is used for professional development, credit reimbursement and stipends for mentor teachers.

Currently, there is a balance of $41,000 in the District Property account from the sale of Weippe Elementary School.

Carmen Griffith and her staff of four, received lots of praise and even (a little money) J for doing such a tremendous job this year.

The breakfast program has helped finances tremendously. After closing April’s financial statements, the fund balance was $7,681. Last year at this time the fund balance was short $42,756.

The district will hire and pay six certified staff members; One Admin/ teacher and five instructors. They will be District employees. The District will receive ADA funding for the students that are enrolled and will pay these personnel expenses with these funds. The District will received 14% of the total of these costs as “overhead” for the fiscal and supervisory duties that will be required.

The District and Carmen Griffith, Food Service Supervisor, will also oversee the food service needs for the Youth Challenge Program. Again, the salaries, benefits and food will be reimbursed via the National Guard.

Recognition went to Carl Stemrich, Empire Lumber, Norm Steadman, Orofino Builders Supply, Jason Berreth and Gradi Thomas for donations and their help toward the construction of a play shed at Timberline.

Shaun Ball gave a brief report concerning ISAT test scores for Timberline. Overall, reading scores were good. There is still much that can be done to improve proficiency in math. This will be one of the areas of focus next year.

At OES, students in grades 3-6, worked very hard to raise ISAT scores from previous years. Individual grade levels improved as much as 9 to 14 points in a year, but perhaps more importantly, Orofino students achieved and exceeded state target goals for proficiency in both Math and Reading.

Shelley Brooks, OHS Principal believes that changes in programs, instruction scheduling, school improvement and staff development is making a difference and improving achievement.

Other announcements Brooks shared with the Board were: an Idaho Common Core Standards workshop held May 10, for OES certified staff to develop a unit of study and pre/post assessment aligned to common core in math.

Orofino Elementary held the first Annual Young Author’s contest and Literary Showcase. There were five categories to enter, for the 27 students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Field trips will continue through May 30. Fifth grade visited the Clearwater Courthouse and participated in a case study, fourth grade will participate in the LCSC Rendezvous Event at OES, third grade is visiting the Science Center in Pullman, second grade will visit smoke jumpers and the mammoth exhibit in Grangeville, and Kindergarten visited the Clearwater Memorial Public Library. Clearwater Marine Patrol presented a water safety training called Idaho Sports Paddle Up for the sixth grade students.

All grades have been holding their spring music programs. Parents and families have enjoyed some excellent presentations. Thank you to both Mrs. Holzer and Mrs. Tetwiller.

Mr. Thomas, OES PE Teacher, has organized and facilitated the OES Annual Track meets for both primary and intermediate grades this week. Thank you to the OHS students and faculty, community members, and parents that help out and supported this event.

Orofino Elementary School will end the school year with the final Rewards and Recognition Assembly on June 6.

Changes in Grading and Progress Reports

Changes to begin next year for students in grades 9-12, are:

· Letter grades will be used to report academic performance on report cards for students in grades 9-12 based on the following numerical values; A – 4.0 for standard classes, 5.0 for advanced classes. B - 3.0 for standard, and 4.0 for advanced. C will earn 2.0 for standard, 3.0 for advanced, and D receives 1.0 point for standard and 2.0 for advanced.

· Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves. Advanced classes will include Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish IV, Honors classes, Dual Credit College classes, LCSC Tech Prep classes, and certain IDLA classes as identified by school counselors and approved by the Superintendent.

· The calculation of GPAs for determining Valedictorian and Salutatorian will not change until the class of 2016.

Action Items

Alyce Arnsberg declared Jerry Nelson elected as Trustee of Zone 4; Theresa Graber declared Charity Robinson elected as Trustee of Zone 5.

All classified staff except Medicade would be rehired for next year. At this time last year classified staff was still waiting to learn if they would be rehired or not, due to lack of funds. If any changes are to be made, it would be by attrition.

Orofino Jr. High School property is still for sale and has been re-appraised at $295,000, with the agreement that the school district would maintain a 10 year lease of the gymnasium.

Policy 3060 concerning “Homeless Children” will in the future address the students as “Youth in transition” to comply with Federal Laws, required by the SDE. This refers to children living in shelters, vehicles, campgrounds, motels, etc.

And finally the Board approved the travel of THS football team and their equipment to training camp in Montana on June 7-9 at no cost to the district.

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