Friday, August 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Myrick Pullen, III and Pat Baxter

Dear Editor:

For Clearwater County come November two county commissioners will be elected. I have a definite stake in one candidate, John Allen.

John needs no recommendation from those he served as commissioner from 2008-2010; from those that paid attention, that is.

As seen from my childhood and for the over 60 years that followed, John has selflessly nurtured the lives of a large portion of those around him, my father for one. His concern for community characterizes him completely. John bridles at the political process and in conversations with all around him focuses doggedly on the needs of his home county. John lives county government.

Political polemics aside, a commissioner can do more for your immediate well being than any other level of government; your safety, your roads, your hospital, and your unforeseen emergencies. If I had to trust anyone with my life it would certainly be John from a lifetime of observation. Clearwater County has a host of people who know him in the same way.

Your concern for Clearwater County joined with John Allen as Commissioner will go a long way toward making Clearwater a desirable home.
Myrick (Mac) Pullen, III
OHS ’61 U of I ‘65 
Dear Editor:

Grateful acknowledgment to County Commissioner Carole Galloway and Commissioner candidate Trever Heighes! These two people recently demonstrated how committed they are to our local property rights.

Commissioner Galloway’s recent Clearwater Tribune article described how the Corps of Engineers harassed a Pierce land owner about “wetlands” on his property, operating without a required permit and violating the Clean Water Act. The landowner was threatened with a $32,000 per day penalty, $100,000 criminal penalties including imprisonment. This is precisely how the Sackett’s of Priest Lake lost control of their property for 7 years until a recent Supreme Court ruling found in their favor. Fortunately, Trever was the equipment operator on the site at the time and was familiar with the rights of the property owner and knowledgeable of the landowner’s compliance with the law.

When the landowner scheduled a meeting with a Corps Supervisor, both Trever and Carole attended. The local landowner had the full support of a County Commissioner and a candidate for Commissioner who stood against a bureaucracy that would attempt to nullify citizen property rights. It was ultimately determined that the Pierce landowner did nothing illegal!

Re-elect Carole Galloway and elect Trever Heighes as County Commissioners when you vote on Nov. 6. They protect property rights and property owners.
Pat Baxter

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