Friday, November 18, 2011

Mystery of the OK Rock partially solved

By Alannah Allbrett

The mystery of the meaning and origin of the OK Rock is solved. One sees this rock north of the Orofino Bridge, in the Clearwater River, while traveling towards Riverside. Recently there was letter to the Editor by Diane Upton, which raised everyone’s curiosity about what the rock with the letters OK stood for and how it came to be.

The speculation began. . . Some folks thought it had to do with water levels on the river – when it was safe to boat, etc. Others thought it was a weather indicator.

Super Sleuth, Jim Routh gave the Clearwater Tribune a tip that Tom Province was the man to see to learn of the rock’s origin. Tom filled us in on the details and admitted that he was indeed the man responsible for the rock being painted. He said it has been that way for well over 25 years.

Tom was a diesel mechanic for Clearwater Equipment (where McLaughlin Logging is now). He said that one of his fellow employees was very politically opinionated and very vocal in expressing it. “Everything about him was okay” said Tom. His response to this man was painting the rock OK. “I am the villain who painted it” said Tom. “I don’t know who’s been keeping it up all these years though, because I haven’t painted it in at least 20 years.” Will the mystery painter please step forward.

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