Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Athens Guitar Trio delights with classical guitars

The Athens Guitar Trio (AGT) arrived in Orofino last week on their first stop of a concert tour in Idaho and put on a spectacular performance for the first concert of the 2011-2012 Community Concert series on Nov. 10 at the Orofino High School. The audience was treated to an evening of superb classical guitar playing by the trio. 

The opening piece, Dance No. 1 from La Vida Breve, whetted the musical appetite of the audience with a taste of melodic sounds of the Spanish guitar.

Most of the classical pieces performed were arranged for the guitar by members of the ensemble, Dusty Woodruff, Rylan Smith, and Matt Anderson, who each have a masterful command of their guitars. Individually they play with passion for the music and collectively, as the trio, their sounds blend to produce one harmonic tone that is pleasing to the ear and tends to soothe the soul. 

The trio changed the pace at one point in the concert by playing a Scott Joplin piece, "Ragtime Dance".  The audience responded with a rousing applause to show their appreciation for the musical diversity demonstrated by the AGT.  The trio has a comfortable demeanor on stage interacting easily with one another and with the audience as they introduce each musical selection or tell tales on one another...their camaraderie and love for their music is evident. 

After the concert the trio signed autographs and visited with members as they left.  Remarks such as "wonderful concert," "they were just great," "thank you for bringing them to Orofino," were frequently heard. The Clearwater Community Concert season is off to a good start and the remaining concerts promise to be equally entertaining.

The Athens Guitar Trio warms up before concert Nov. 10.

Dusty Woodruff and Ryland Smith sign autographs after the Nov. 10 concert.

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