Thursday, August 25, 2011

Out the door, but not off the hook

Andrea Wolverton resigns after 24 years

By Alannah Allbrett

Andrea Wolverton is saying goodbye to her friends at Les Schwab after 24 years. “There have been a lot of good years,” said Andrea. When she began as the assistant bookkeeper at Les Schwab everything was done by hand. They had to keep all customer records on big cards and update them each time a customer came in. It wasn’t until she had been there about five years that the company got its first office computers.

Andrea was sent to the company headquarters in Prineville, OR for data entry training on the new computer system. It was at that time that she got to meet Mr. Schwab (of “free beef” fame) in person. We’ve all seen him on television over the years, and as one might expect, Andrea said he turned out to be a “nice and very likable man.” He was the man who started helping customers with “free flat tire repairs on Les Schwab tires” along with good service.

Andrea’s fellow employees surprised her with a farewell BBQ in Orofino City Park Sunday in honor of her many years of service. She said it’s been great being in a small town and getting to know all the customers. “Something I’ll miss,” said Andrea “is seeing all the people I’ve been friends with all these years.”

She’s not off the hook yet as far as work is concerned, Andrea’s husband, Dr. Duane Wolverton, runs Clearwater Valley Veterinary Clinic. Over the years, she has helped him with everything from assisting in surgery, to pulling out porcupine quills. Andrea will cross-train on all of the other jobs and be a more of a regular presence in the animal clinic as well as taking care of their 160 acres and rental properties.

Andrea wishes to thank her Manager, Gary Wessels, Shanna Schwartz, all the great guys at Les Schwab, and all her customers as well. “Thank you for always being wonderful people to deal with,” said Andrea.

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