Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School Supplemental Levy facts; election May 17

The School District expects to lose more than a half-million dollars ($500,000) in state funding next school year because of reduced levels of state support and decreased enrollment. On May 17 voters will be asked to vote on a supplemental levy for the district. The levy provides a significant portion of money used to pay for regular expenses like textbooks, utilities, teachers and essential programs for students. They levy funds one-fourth (1/4) of the school’s regular expenses.

The proposed levy is for $1,940,000, an increase of $200,000 over last year’s levy. Different home values may increase or decrease the home owner’s exemption. For a home valued at $100,000 with a home owner’s exemption of $50,000, the school tax for next year would be $180.97. That is an increase of $18.70 ($1.56/month) over the current year’s tax rate. If you have questions about school tax on your property, please call Clearwater County Treasurer, Dawn Erlewine at 476-5615 or Clerk of Joint School District #171, Trina Snyder at 476-5593.

Polling Places

Polling places have changed from previous supplemental levy elections. Typically you will vote in the same locations you voted during the general elections, except for person who voted at the Armory. They will vote at the Orofino Community Church. 14233 Highway 12.

  Orofino Precinct #1 – Mani-Yac Center.

  Orofino Precinct #2 – VFW Building.

  Orofino Precinct #3 - Clearwater County Coon Building.

  Orofino Precinct #4 – Orofino Community Church.

  Orofino Precinct #5 – Orofino Community Church.

  Fraser Precinct #6 – Vote by Mail Precinct.

  Greer Precinct #7 – Vote by Mail Precinct.

  Teakean Precinct #8 - Cavendish Church.

  Weippe Precinct #9 – Weippe City Hall.

  Headquarters Precinct #10 – Vote by Mail Precinct.

  Ahsahka Precinct #11 Clearwater Fish Hatchery.

  Pierce Precinct #12 – Pierce Community Center.

  Elk River Precinct #13 – Vote by Mail Precinct.

  Grangemont #14 – Vote by Mail Precinct.

  Leland Precinct #34 - Cameron Emmanuel Lutheran.

  Peck Precinct #36 – Peck Community Center.

  Mohler Precinct #7 – Vote by Mail Precinct.

  West Kamiah #2 – Kamiah Emergency Service Bld.

Photo ID necessary

  Idaho law now requires photo identification in order to vote. Acceptable forms of identification include: Idaho driver’s license or identification card, U.S. passports or Federal photo identification card, tribal photo identification card, and current student photo identification card.

  More information about schools is available at www.sd171.k12.id.us.

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