Monday, May 2, 2011

Burning permits required beginning May 10

Over the years the Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association (C-PTPA) has responded to many escaped springtime debris-burning fires. These fires are expensive to put out and the burden of these expenses fall upon the person determined to have ignited the fire.

If you are going to burn there are certain precautions you must take:

Obtain a burning permit during closed fire season, May 10 to Oct. 20.

Call C-PTPA or Idaho Department of Lands, depending on burn location.

Plan ahead.

Have enough help, water, tools, and equipment to do the job.

Don’t leave your burn until it is dead out.

If you burn in a barrel there are certain measures you must take:

You need a burning permit.

Burn barrel must be in good condition, set up on non-combustible blocks.

Half inch screen enclosing the top of the barrel.

Combustible fuel cleared 10 feet around the barrel.

Keep a hose charged with water close by.

Watch the barrel until it is dead out.

If you employ the above measures, they may save a costly escaped fire bill.

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