Thursday, June 8, 2017

“Whiskey Shindig” library fundraiser June 30

The Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL) Foundation will launch a major fundraising campaign on Friday, June 30, at the High Country Inn, outside of Orofino. This kick-off event is a “Whiskey Shindig” and will award free engraved copper mugs with each ticket sold. 

The purpose of this newly formed foundation is to build a much-need expansion to the Orofino library, which has not had a remodel in more than thirty years. Volunteers of the CMPL Foundation hope to raise $225,000 in the near future, which will be enough for Phase 1 of the expansion project. 

The Whiskey Shindig event, with an old-time saloon theme, will begin at 6 p.m. Friday, June 30, and will include a sampling of various types of liquor, a bar featuring lots of kinds of “Mule” drinks, as well as non-alcoholic beverages, live music, a photo booth, food, and plenty of fun, as attendees are asked to bid for parcels of square feet of the proposed addition. 

Montgomery Distillery will be on hand at the event with products from their small-batch distillery in Missoula, MT. They strive to blend tradition and innovation in their distilling process, and also emphasize a mission of giving and are excited to work with CMPL in our fundraising campaign to expand the library.

Everyone in the community who is interested in the cause for literacy for young and old is urged to support this project. Tickets are $40 per person, $75 for couples, and will include the copper mug with each purchase, to be given out at the door.

Tickets are available at the Orofino library (CMPL) on Michigan Avenue in Orofino, or call 208-476-3411.

Pictured: Everyone who attends the Whiskey Shindig will receive a complimentary engraved copper mug.

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