Friday, October 28, 2016

Idaho state road closure information

The Maggie Creek Supervisory Area of the Idaho Department of Lands in Kamiah has historically closed the Brown’s Ridge/Mosquito Creek Loop Roads and the Fidler Road from the end of general elk season to Memorial Day weekend.

These seasonal closures were designed to reduce road damage and maintenance expenses and also to reduce soil erosion and sedimentation from road surfaces. 

Last year, due to significant road improvements performed by the Maggie Creek Supervisory Area, these roads remained open on a trial basis and were closely monitored for moisture related road damage and soil erosion issues. 

Brown’s Ridge/Mosquito Creek Loop Roads and the Fidler Road will remain open again this year, but will be closed should road damage and/or significant erosion occur, or if damage to timber resources or other State property is determined by the Idaho Department of Lands to have occurred. 

The Farmer Road system will be closed from Oct. 1 - May 1 annually, and all other road closures remain in effect, which means that use by unauthorized vehicles wider than 50” is prohibited. 

Cooperation of the public is crucial and much appreciated. Please report any unauthorized use of closed roads and/or damage to State resources. 

For more information, please contact the Kamiah Idaho Department of Lands at 208-935-2141.

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