Friday, May 27, 2016

Unlicensed solicitors in Lewiston area

Recently the Lewiston Police Department has received an increased number of complaints of unwanted solicitors canvassing neighborhoods. These solicitors are selling various items or services ranging from satellite TV, books and magazines, cleaning equipment and consumable goods.

Most of the complaints are the result of high pressure sales tactics and refusal to leave when asked to by the home owner. Traditionally the police department does experience an increase in complaints about door to door salesmen in the spring when the weather begins to improve.

Under Lewiston City Code all solicitors are required to obtain a solicitor's license from the city prior to engaging in door to door sales. This process requires a limited records check and fingerprints to ensure the protection of the public. Individuals soliciting for charitable causes are also required to obtain a permit from the city.

Citizens are encouraged to be especially wary of anyone on foot and not associated with a properly marked vehicle representing their company. Be extremely cautious about letting solicitors enter your home.

The Lewiston Police Department urges citizens to contact police about suspicious persons going door to door, and to ask to see their city issued solicitor's license before engaging in a business transaction.

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