Friday, June 5, 2015

I for one, want to keep the old school standing

Dear Editor:

With the community in mind, the big brick Orofino School was purchased by the Pippenger family.

Maniac pride, five generations.

The plan was to do what it would take to make it safe and usable for your community at no cost to you. Great idea!

Then the rules of government, both local and state started coming to light.

It appears to me, maybe you too, that your city government and your building inspector are very much against the community having the use of our old brick Orofino School full of history, mystery and memories.

Do you know your building inspector is not elected? He is hired by the city and had a very short training course some time back.

But he has power to make it miserable and costly for builders and remodeling. It appears to have the support of your city powers that be.

Something for you to think about.

For all those years and the many children who walked those halls, the “red fire extinguishers” were placed in strategic places throughout the building and persons were taught how to use them.

Now, the inspector (the law) wants a full sprinkler system throughout your dear old building. The expense would just be unreal for this situation.

That big book of rules, rules, rules.

Do you think the red extinguishers would be just fine? They were okay, up until the junior high moved to the big school (not that long ago).

I am left wondering if there is a way to solve this in a legal way.

This old brick school is a part of Orofino history.

Lots of rules! Is there a hidden agenda for the heavy pushing of the sprinkler rule? If so, there are other building spots in Orofino.

I am really hoping the old school will remain standing in the heart of Orofino.

Reuby Curfman

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