Friday, April 5, 2013

Orofino City Park improvements

By Alannah Allbrett

A motion passed at the March 26 Orofino City Council meeting to replace the jungle gym toy in City Park which was destroyed approximately one and one half years ago when it was struck by a vehicle.

The new jungle gym will be larger and placed in a safer location. The city was reimbursed $3,000, which amount will be put towards the $4,848 total cost for the entire project, including shipping, sprinkler relocation, and installation.

It was decided that there is not enough room in the park to include a sand volleyball court.

The Recreation Committee recommended that the horseshoe pit be removed as it has fallen into disuse.

New and refurbished trash cans have been placed throughout the city and the park by Public Works.

Public Works Supervisor, John Barton said they are trying to get water turned on in the park by Easter weekend. Freezing temperatures at night have delayed it.

A new camera system for the park will not be obtained until next year. Chief Wilson is seeking grant funds for that project.

The final activity calendar for the park was submitted.

Petitions, applications

Mitch Marx, of Presnell and Gage, presented findings on the city audit for the fiscal year ending Sept., 30, 2012. The city automatically falls into a “high risk” category because no audit had been done for two years. He reminded the council that statements are the responsibility of the city.

Water treatment project

An amendment to the original loan offer agreement was made by the Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality. The amendment reflects a change in the original project costs from $8,490,375 to $9,690,375.

A motion was passed to award Allwest Testing & Engineering of Lewiston, the construction project for the new membrane water treatment plant. The company has been used in the past for work at the airport.

Downtown parking

Cathie Mosher, on behalf of downtown businesses, has made two recent visits to council to discuss parking issues. Under the current policy vehicles may legally park for 12 hours without being cited. This blocks people visiting businesses. Mosher said businesses welcome the council’s discussion of this issue. The issue remains with the Street Committee.


The city has received a replacement dog for the K-9 program. Officer Mike Shore just returned from extensive training in Kansas and was offered the chance for a replacement dog if, in working with various dogs, he found one that was a better match. The new Orofino K-9 dog, “Testo,” was determined to be of milder temperament and had the training needed to assist officers in Orofino.

Future meetings

The Orofino City Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at the council chambers, 217 1st St., Orofino.

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