Friday, February 8, 2013

New road weather cameras installed on Grangemont Road

This image was taken by the Grangemont Road weather camera.

This is a screenshot of the weather camera's website page.
By Don Gardner

Traveling motorists will now be able to monitor the conditions of the road and weather on Grangemont Road, thanks to a grant received by Clearwater County.

The Road Weather Information System (RWIS) site includes a camera, temperature sensors for air and pavement temperature, a winds gauge, precipitation gauge, relative humidity sensor and a road surface sensor that can show the condition of the road surface. Due to its location at the intersection of Grangemont and Band Mill road the site is powered by solar energy.

The new RWIS site will be extremely useful to multiple agencies and the traveling public in monitoring the weather, and road conditions. The County Road and Bridge Department, who completed the installation, utilizes the site to better understand the conditions of the road in that area. This helps with winter maintenance of Grangemont Road.

You can view the new RWIS online at

Just follow the “Check your Weather” link to “Road Conditions Camera” page and you will find the Grangemont camera.

Now it is even easier to know what the road is like if you’re traveling to the Clearwater backcountry or just to the city of Pierce.

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