Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Destination fun for Dworshak Reservoir

Pictured on Dworshak’s newest floating dock No. 7 are: (front row l to r) Sheriff Chris Goetz, John Allen, Tom Stroschein, Don Ebert, Dave McGraw, Carole Galloway, Ed Lozar, Bert Snyder. Back row: Marine Deputy Mike Gladhart and Stan Leach.

By Alannah Allbrett

A new floating “destination dock,” the seventh of its kind, temporarily anchored at Bruce’s Eddy, was dedicated with an official ribbon cutting ceremony Sept. 4.

The dock, with a circumference of 75’ x 48’ is valued at $120,000 once one tally’s the set-up costs. The flexible, bobbing docks can be configured in a number of ways according to need. No. 7 will be permanently installed at Merrys Bay. The rectangular configuration allows for family swimming in the center, with boats tied up on the outer edge. Marine Deputy Mike Gladhart said he has seen the boats tied up four deep, with approximately 100 people enjoying the water.

The new dock was made possible by a donation from Latah County Waterways Committee. The US Corps of Engineers helped to set-up and install the dock which must be anchored with a flexible mooring to accommodate the rise and fall of Dworshak’s water levels.

Clearwater County Commissioners were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony, sheriff’s deputies, and members of Latah County Waterways Committee. Ed Lozar of Dworshak Waterways Commission was also present.

Clearwater County Commissioner Don Ebert said that, with partnerships between counties and collaborative cooperation, they are able to get more done working together. Commissioner Stan Leach said that cooperation between counties makes a difference also when applying for future grants. People from neighboring counties enjoy using Dworshak Reservoir for recreation; one person commented that he has seen the parking lot full at times with 1/L license plates as well as our own 6/C plates.

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