Wednesday, July 25, 2012

City workers undertake a noble project and need your help

Pictured (l to r) under the new sports gazebo, located above Orofino Elementary are city employees: Todd Perry, Michael Martin, and Jim Thornton as they work on completing the concrete pad. These men worked, on their own time, to construct a covered area for families to enjoy sports. Some work remains to be done, and contributions are still needed.

Looking upwards, from the playing field at Orofino Elementary School, one can see the new gazebo, built for the enjoyment of sports fans.

By Alannah Allbrett

Dan Connor, a Boise man, originally planned to build a home in Orofino. Due to health issues he was unable to do so. He left a lot of equipment and supplies in Orofino which he told city workers they could sell and use the proceeds for a worthy project. That gave the kickoff to the idea of a gazebo.

City workers have been busy building a covered area above the playing fields at Orofino Elementary School. The gazebo is designed to give parents and family members a place, in the shade, to watch school athletics and events.

Michael Martin (Water, Waste Water Supervisor), Todd Perry (Building Official), Jim Thornton (Water, Waste Water), and Sgt. Vincent Frazier (formerly of the Orofino Police Department) volunteered their labor and talents not only in the construction of the gazebo, but in helping to raise funds.

These city employees, in their off hours and without a lot of fanfare, began the work in February. They also raised $900 by making numerous trips hauling off scrap metal and abandoned cars, which gave them the money for fencing and other needs.

Josh Steiner, of Fury Concrete Systems, Orofino, donated the labor for pouring the concrete. The Trevor Haag Memorial Tournament has also contributed to the project.

The work has gone as far as it can, however, until more money is found. If you, or your business, would like to be a part of this worthy project, please make donations via the Trevor Haag Memorial fund through the Lewis Clark Credit Union (LCCU) located at 234 Johnson Avenue.

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