Friday, June 15, 2012

Startling display of vintage vehicles creates excitement

MAGNIFICENT VEHICLES-A 1913 Stevens Duryea (left) is proudly parked in the Helgeson Hotel parking lot alongside a 1914 Cadillac from Illinois. The Stevens Duryea has a Michigan license plate and bears an emblem stating this car was manufactured by Stevens Duryea in Chicopee Falls, Mass and was the 1989 National First Prize Winner. 

By Cloann McNall

It was an eye-catching treat for Orofino residents Monday when 16 beautiful antique cars showed up in town and were parked overnight at the Helgeson Hotel parking lot.

The cars were built between 1910 and 1914. With the exception of a 1938 convertible Packard, the most recent join.

A 1910 Packard was the oldest vintage vehicle on display

Other vehicles were a 1911 Stanley Steamer, two 1913 Stevens-Duryeas, a 1914 Cadillac, and a second 1910 Packard.

Also two Locomobiles, a 1914 Rolls Royce, Model T Ford, 1913 Havers, 1910 Marmon and a 1913 Peerless. There was a second Rolls Royce, year was unavailable.

License plates showed the vintage vehicles (mostly touring cars) as being registered in Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Vermont, Indiana, New Hampshire, Utah, California and Washington.

The vehicles are individually owned and are part of the Red Rock Rendezvous touring the northwest for 10 days in June.

The tour group left Missoula, MT Monday and will eventually end up back in Missoula.

A spokesperson said this is the thirteenth tour for the group.

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