Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie to be filmed at Winchester and Kamiah

You can be part of boxing/rodeo history this year at the Winchester Open Rodeo in Winchester and the Clearwater Valley Round-up in Kamiah. A German film company is creating a movie for German State TV (similar to our PBS) entitled, “Rodeoboxer.”

The film chronicles the true story of Steffen Mueller, a poor brick layer from Germany. Mueller’s bank is about to call in his loan, but a friend and boxing enthusiast who works at the bank, has an idea. The friend tells the amateur boxer that he could make a lot of money fighting in matches at American Rodeos. Steffen comes to America and spends eight months of the year travelling the rodeo circuits and sending money back home to Germany.

The German film company chose Winchester and Kamiah as filming locations based on a recommendation. Film crew member, Elke Thye, spent time in Nezperce as an exchange student over 30 years ago. When the film’s director told her the story line, she stated, “I know a place to go.” The crew has scouted both locations and will be filming in Kamiah on June 25-26 and in Winchester July 2-3.

The actual boxing match for the film will be held on Sunday, July 3 at the Arena in the Pines in Winchester. The boxing match will start at and the public is invited to attend. Arrive early and enjoy the great food and atmosphere, grab a bleacher seat and you may even end up being in the movie!

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