Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Message from Mayor Smathers

In this week's paper, Orofino Mayor Ryan Smathers will publish an imporant message regarding the youth drug and alcohol abuse issue in Clearwater County.

Here is a portion of the message:

"We have a Strong and Urgent need for Help in Our Community. We have a "Community Problem" which is affecting some of our most valuable citizens. The alcohol and prescription drug abuse issue at our elementary school is an urgent and dire situation needing a strong and deliberate response from all of our citizens. DON’T STOP READING NOW. You may be asking yourself, is there anything I can do to help? Well, the first thing is to LOCK UP your prescription medication. Even if you live alone, the potential for a visitor having access to your prescriptions is high. Locking your prescriptions away protects you and also protects the youth of our community.

"Second, it is not all right to be buying alcohol for minors. If you’re doing it, STOP. If you know someone purchasing alcohol for minors, report them. You may be of the frame of mind that alcohol is not an issue. You’re wrong. Studies have shown that alcohol at younger ages affects brain development and learning abilities. There is a legal drinking age for a reason. Let’s do our part to keep alcohol out of reach or locked up."

The rest of the message can be viewed in this week's Clearwater Tribune.

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